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3 Types Of Transformer Maintenance To Complete In The Field

by Marjorie Morales

Electrical transformers are essential in any power grid. Maintaining these pieces of equipment is critical to their performance.

A poorly maintained transformer will be unable to meet the demand for power, which could compromise operations for numerous businesses and homes.

It's not always feasible to bring a transformer into the shop for maintenance and repairs. Here are three important types of transformer maintenance that can be completed in the field.

1. Regasketing

All electrical transformers contain a reservoir that is filled with oil. This oil circulates throughout the transformer to help lubricate moving parts and dispel heat. Gaskets are used to safely contain the oil inside the transformer housing.

Rubber gaskets can begin to fail over time. The rubber can dry out and begin to crack, allowing oil to leak from the transformer.

Regasketing is a simple, but essential electrical transformer maintenance task that can be completed in the field.

2. Welding Repairs

Electrical transformers are exposed to the elements on a continual basis. Eventually, the metal housing that protects the transformer's internal components can start to corrode or sustain damage.

It's important that a damaged transformer housing be repaired quickly to prevent moisture and other environmental hazards from damaging internal components.

Welding repairs are typically completed to restore the integrity of the transformer. As long as you have access to a portable welding machine, you can easily perform any necessary welding repairs on a transformer housing in the field.

3. Load Tap Changes

All electrical transformers have a unique part known as a load tap. The load tap is responsible for regulating the voltage output of the transformer.

A load tap can alter the number of turns completed in a single winding. Changing the number of turns can either increase or decrease a transformer's turn ratio, which effectively controls the voltage output.

When a load tap goes bad, there is no way to regulate the voltage output of the transformer. Changing a faulty load tap for a new one requires access to the right tools, but it is a maintenance task that can be completed by any experienced technician in the field.

You don't have to bring in your transformers every time they start to malfunction. Many of the maintenance and repair tasks required to keep electrical transformers working efficiently can be completed on-site in the field.

Relying on field maintenance can ensure that your electrical system is functional and reliable at all times. Contact a company that offers transformer maintenance services to learn more.


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