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A Waste Management Program

by Marjorie Morales

If your business generates a lot of waste materials, you may be spending a lot more money than necessary to have the trash disposed of. Use a waste management program to reduce costs and promote healthier business practices. 

Start At The Source

A waste assessment determines what types of waste are being generated. This type of assessment can be conducted through an online waste-tracking application. One of these applications will require you to record the amount of waste that is thrown out during a specific timeframe. The assessment may also ask you to outline the types of materials that are being disposed of.

If you are not currently using a recycling program or a composting program to regulate the amount of waste that is being disposed of, adding either of these programs to your business plan can vastly reduce the amount of waste that your company is responsible for.

If you do not wish to use an online tracking application, perform a physical assessment. Assess each department within your facility. The assessment should include inspecting the materials that come through your receiving department. Corrugated cardboard, plastic, and other materials that goods are packaged in when they arrive at your facility can potentially be recycled or repurposed.

Paper and other waste that accumulates at your place of business can also contribute to an abundance of trash. Implement new practices that will reduce how many resources you and your staff use. Invest in renewable materials and smaller packaging sizes that won't generate as much waste. 

Add Waste Receptacles And Offer Incentives

Invest in new trash cans, recycling bins, and composting bins. Place these containers in an area that your employees can easily access. Hold a waste management meeting at your place of business. During this meeting, outline the manner in which waste items should be separated and stored.

Highlight any waste management modifications that are going to affect the manner in which business is conducted. For instance, if you have decided that corrugated cardboard and other materials are going to be repurposed, let your employees know about each change. Describe how each one will alter the manner in which operations are conducted. 

Offering incentives is a great way to get your staff members interested in being more mindful of what they are throwing away. Keep track of how much waste each department generates within a specific timeframe. Award the department employees who demonstrate all of the healthy waste management practices that you have outlined.

Contact a local waste management service to learn more. 


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