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Solar Secrets: Energy Indpendence Secrets

  • 5 Erosion Control Methods

    When you are undergoing a project that disturbs the ground, you will want to ensure that you engage in erosion control practices that will prevent the dirt from washing away. If erosion is already occurring, you will want to do what you can to stop it. There is a range of erosion prevention methods that can be used to keep sediment from flowing away.  1. Plant Vegetation One of the most basic yet the most successful ways to prevent erosion is to plant vegetation.

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Solar Secrets: Energy Indpendence Secrets

With energy costs increasing every year, many homeowners are considering conversions to solar energy for grid independence and cost savings. If you are one of them, you're in the right place. This site is dedicated to alternative energy sources, including solar panel conversions. You'll find posts here about all sorts of different ways to sustain your home's energy needs without the main electrical grid, and tips for maximizing your solar or alternative energy investment. We hope that the information here allows you to find the solar panels or energy source that's right for your home so that you can gain energy independence and save money over time.